The Board

The Board is here to serve you, our members. Meet our current leadership board:



Audrey Harnagel

Graduate Fellow in the Bargmann Lab

Audrey studied Philosophy and Biochemistry at UPenn, and then completed a MPhil in Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge. She is currently a graduate student in the Bargmann lab interested in how early-life environmental stressors influence long term behavior in C. elegans. As a WISeR board member, Audrey hopes to help women scientists thrive at Rockefeller by fostering community and mentorship, coordinating with administration, and organizing training opportunities.

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Stephanie Marcus

Graduate Fellow in the Jarvis Lab

Stephanie earned her degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Rutgers University. She spent a year in Dresden, Germany studying spinal cord regeneration in axolotl salamanders before starting her PhD at Rockefeller. She is working in the Jarvis lab to characterize the neural circuits and genetics underlying vocal production. Stephanie joined the WISeR community in 2016. She is motivated to support underrepresented groups at Rockefeller, advocating for equitable work environments across campus.



Pooja Viswanathan

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Freiwald Lab

Pooja is a postdoctoral fellow in the Freiwald Lab at Rockefeller. She works with (nonhuman and human) primates to study long-term memory of faces. In the time she has spent at RU, Pooja has enjoyed the access that WISeR has provided to great speakers, mentors and humans. She hopes to participate in and support WISeR's efforts in building a healthy and equitable community here.


Tien Phan

Graduate Fellow in the Brivanlou-Siggia Lab

Tien is a graduate student in the Brivanlou-Siggia Lab at Rockefeller. She is studying cell competition in human embryonic stem cells. Tien is very grateful for the support and mentorship that she has received from many people over the years. Thus, she sees being a WISeR board member as an opportunity to give something back, help others, and add value to her community.



Lauren Lubeck

Research Assistant in the Shaham Lab

Lauren studied Cell and Molecular Biology at Brown University and is currently a Research Assistant in the Shaham Lab. She is studying memory formation in circuits using embryonic stem cells. As a board member, Lauren hopes to organize the programs and goals of WISeR, showcase women in science at Rockefeller, and create a more inclusive academic environment.


Xue Zeng

Graduate Fellow in the Lifton Lab

Xue is a graduate student in the Lifton lab. She is interested in understanding the genetic basis of human diseases using genomic approaches, including whole exome and genome sequencing, and RNA-seq. She spent the first 3 years of her Ph.D. at Yale before moving to Rockefeller in May 2018 to finish her training. She has been inspired by the efforts WISeR has made to both enrich the academic environment and improve the everyday lives of female scientists at RU. She hopes to be a part of this effort as a board member.


Barbara Bosch


Eliza Llewellyn


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