WISeR Board meets ~monthly to handle the administrative aspects of the group. Meeting notes can be found below. We post these as part of our commitment to transparency. Please let us know if you have any questions or ideas.

June 15, 2017 WISeR Board Meeting Minutes

Location: CRC 402
Minutes Compiled by: Sarah Stern
Minutes edited by: Kate Bredbenner



12:05: BBQ Discussion
Tri-I is covering what we need to be covered for the BBQ.
We need a flyer made, will email flyer to all Women in Science Tri-I Members.

All set for ordering food from FreshDirect for the Day before.

Alcohol set up from Faculty Club.
Cornell is bringing soft drinks.

Volunteers: there are some volunteers already. Yay! Second call next week as per Leonora

Advertisement: BBQ is June 27th

WISeR T-shirts: Margo will Order. Doing gray because they are less see-through. Will let Tri-I know that we’re going to wear shirts.

Grilling: grillware? 4th floor kitchen. Maybe in the box from Emily? Maybe Tim can still do it? Start the fire early.



Google Drive: we should at the next meeting, organize it. Go over how BBQ went etc.


12:33: Concerns from members

Leonora — someone approached her asking if we have funds to help people publish. Should we separate some money out to do it on a regular basis?
That doesn’t seem like a good idea.
Maybe we can compile a list of resources to apply for funding for these diff things.

Maybe she can go to Women & Science, which is run through the development office. It would be good anyway to open up communication w/ them for collaboration
Maybe ask Jill Benz?


12:40: Concerns
Need to moderate the comments on the website. Who checks RUMail?
Contact someone to shut down the Rockefeller affiliated website.

Comments: figure out if all of them need approval? Or just potential spam comments?

We should ask if Rockefeller can have a list of student groups somewhere. Then people will know that WISeR exists and we’ll have a link to our website. We should have that conversation w/ the Dean’s Office.
We should make sure they’re signing students up for the listserv.

WISeR at the orientation? Why didn’t that happen? We should make that happen as well …
We can discuss this at the July meeting …

Coordinating with PRISM → we should coordinate w/ them in July to figure out how we want to handle the breakfasts.

Adjourn! 1:05

March 3, 2016 WISeR Board Meeting Minutes 

Location: Abby Dining Hall
In attendance: Catherine Lu, Alicia Gamboa, Emily Dennis, Aaron Mertz, Yamina Berchiche, Shruti Naik 
Minutes Compiled by: Shruti Naik 
Minutes edited by: Emily Dennis
*updates added by Emily Dennis late March

Interim Board Member Applications

Emily Dennis presented compiled applications to the group for four board member positions. Board members excused themselves from discussions or voting if an applicant was from the same laboratory as a board member. Four applicants were selected based on majority vote for in-person interviews. *These interviews were completed and we have added four great members to our board:

Alison (Ali) Ehrlich – Research Assistant – Vosshall lab
Linda Molla – Graduate Student – Papavasiliou Lab
Maryam Zaringhalam – Graduate Student – Papavasiliou Lab
Sarah Stern – Postdoct – Papavasiliou Lab

Budget Overview

Catherine Lu presented the WISeR budget proposal for FY2017 after meeting with Andrea Morris, Marta Delgado, and Emily Harms. The proposed budget includes administrative costs, networking events, members events, and also includes joint ventures that will be jointly funded with the career development office. New additions to the budget raised in the meeting include: Women of the Month lunches, additional members meetings, and Diversity Journal Club. Aaron will provide Catherine with a Woman of the Month budget, and Emily will provide Diversity Journal Club funding needs and will work with Emily Lorenzen to further refine requests and justifications for the mentorship project. *This budget was rejected, revised with help from the Dean’s Office, and will be re-submitted March 28th.

Career development update  

Alicia Gamboa presented her joint effort with Andrea Morris and the PDA to provide an “ Academic Boot Camp” event that will include young PIs and tenured faculty. The event is aimed at providing guidance for trainees who are planning on entering the academic job market. Catherine Lu and Shruti Naik will work with Alicia to move forward with this event starting with a meeting with HOL Dr. Leslie Vosshall to discuss specific topics.

Alicia also informed the board of an “improv for scientists” event put on by one of our members Aniek Ivens, which the board approved and Alicia will coordinate. Funds for snacks will be provided by Andrea Morris’ office.

Board guidelines

Shruti Naik raised the idea of codifying rules for the board, which the board agreed to discuss at a future meeting. The guidelines would outline standard operating procedures for board member interactions with the Rockefeller administration, the larger membership, and other board members. Shruti, Emily, and Yamina will compile this document for the rest of the board to edit. *will be the bulk of our May meeting discussion

Next Board Meeting

Meeting date is tentatively set for April 8th and will include new board members. Time/location TBD

February 1, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Emily Dennis, Catherine Lu, Aaron Mertz, Shruti Naik and Alicia Guemez Gamboa (correspondence provided by email).
Notes compiled by: Shruti Naik, Secretary.

Meeting start: 5:00 pm
Emily Dennis – makes brief introductions for all board members inclusion

Mentorship initiative update
Emily Lorenzen, WISeR member and lead on mentorship initiative provided an overview of this effort. Specifically, Emily outlined methods to recruit mentors and mentees and enhance faculty involvement, define the parameters of mentorship and means of review and re-matching unsatisfied mentors and mentees. The group also plans for Wine and Cheese mixers for mentors and mentees. Before launching this initiative, Emily will compile a survey to gauge the community’s interest and willingness to participate in this initiative and send it to the board for review and approval.

Discussion of individual board member duties, establish minimum responsibilities for board members, determine procedure for election of new board members.
The board went over each board members ‘existing responsibilities’ to include Emily – President; Shruti – Secretary Breakfasts; Catherine – Treasurer Social Events, Alicia – Career Development; Vicky – Social Events; Aaron – Vice President**, PRISM

**Mariko Kobayashi stepped down from the board in the last month, and the board voted Aaron in to fill the vacancy until elections in August.

The group discussed defining minimum responsibilities for each board member to include attendance of board meeting (not missing more than two in a row) and the requirement for response to WISeR board emails at least once a week.

The group determined the need for new board members with specific talents and interests in the area of social media maintenance, mentorship, and alumni outreach. Emily Dennis will send out a call for new board members amongst WISeR members to self-nominate. Any interested parties are required to be involved in at least one existing initiative (for example breakfast, mentorship, etc). If the response is overwhelming the board will discuss if additional requirements would be useful, and open up a general vote.

Budget discussion:

FY2016 (now-July)
Catherine presented the existing budget for FY2016 to the board. We plan to spend out much of our account  on already planned events including the yearly BBQ, Wine and Cheese members meeting, as well as administrative costs. Emily has also been working with Andrea Morris to set up a sexual harassment workshop (2, 90 minute sessions with 25 attendees per session and one of the sessions may include existing Rockefeller faculty. WISeR has agreed to cover half the cost of the consultant fees (Andrea Morris’ office will cover other half and transportation costs) if there is enough interest among members. If not, we will work to make this a Tri-I event and share costs accordingly, led by Andrea Morris and depending on attendance. Some funds will also be allocated to launching PRISM’s first event, if PRISM is unable to secure funds from the administration. Aaron discussed adding a women scientist of the month to the blog, which will conduct interviews over lunch in the Abby. Aaron will meet with members to determine interest and plan immediate next steps. We discussed including administrators.

FY2017 (July 2016-July 2017) The group discussed the budget request for the next year due March 7th. WISeR plans to request funds for quarterly members meetings, mentorship mixers, workshops on confidence and networking, and other administrative costs such as website maintenance. Catherine also brought up the possibility of publication parties, where members will share 3 minute vignettes of their publications. Networking funds will also be allocated for these events. Catherine will prepare budget for next meeting. Additional ideas are welcome.

Established March board meeting date
Tentatively set for March 3rd pending Vicky and Alicia’s approval, Abby Dinning Hall

Adjourned: 6:30pm