Campus Resources

this page is a work in progress: if you think we missed a link, email us your idea or leave it as a comment on this page.

Career and Professional Development
– contact: Dr. Andrea Morris (Director of Career Resources and Professional Development)
Tri-I Minority Society
– contact Fon Powell (Chair, grad student at Weill Cornell)
Tri-I consulting club
– contact: Deanna Belsky (grad student)
Parent’s Association
additional resources for parents can be found at the bottom of the page!

for parents
in response to results from our recent survey (only 17% of people know where to find information for parents at Rockefeller, 22% of respondents have children, & 6% are planning to have children), WISeR is working with the Parent’s Association to formulate a centralized list of useful links and information for parents. Please contact Dr. Michelle Itano, Chair of the Parent’s Association, if you have any questions or need additional guidance.

how to report harassment and bias on campus
in response to our survey results, we’ve included links to resources on harassment and bias relating to our specific campus.

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