June Meeting Minutes

June 15 2017 WISeR Board Meeting Minutes
Location: CRC 402
Minutes Compiled by: Sarah Stern
Minutes edited by: Kate Bredbenner



12:05: BBQ Discussion
Tri-I is covering what we need to be covered for the BBQ.
We need a flyer made, will email flyer to all Women in Science Tri-I Members.

All set for ordering food from FreshDirect for the Day before.

Alcohol set up from Faculty Club.
Cornell is bringing soft drinks.

Volunteers: there are some volunteers already. Yay! Second call next week as per Leonora

Advertisement: BBQ is June 27th

WISeR T-shirts: Margo will Order. Doing gray because they are less see-through. Will let Tri-I know that we’re going to wear shirts.

Grilling: grillware? 4th floor kitchen. Maybe in the box from Emily? Maybe Tim can still do it? Start the fire early.



Google Drive: we should at the next meeting, organize it. Go over how BBQ went etc.


12:33: Concerns from members

Leonora — someone approached her asking if we have funds to help people publish. Should we separate some money out to do it on a regular basis?
That doesn’t seem like a good idea.
Maybe we can compile a list of resources to apply for funding for these diff things.

Maybe she can go to Women & Science, which is run through the development office. It would be good anyway to open up communication w/ them for collaboration
Maybe ask Jill Benz?


12:40: Concerns
Need to moderate the comments on the website. Who checks RUMail?
Contact someone to shut down the Rockefeller affiliated website.

Comments: figure out if all of them need approval? Or just potential spam comments?

We should ask if Rockefeller can have a list of student groups somewhere. Then people will know that WISeR exists and we’ll have a link to our website. We should have that conversation w/ the Dean’s Office.
We should make sure they’re signing students up for the listserv.

WISeR at the orientation? Why didn’t that happen? We should make that happen as well …
We can discuss this at the July meeting …

Coordinating with PRISM → we should coordinate w/ them in July to figure out how we want to handle the breakfasts.

Adjourn! 1:05